The betting guidelines for baccarat are clear, and the game offers small payouts. However, many punto banco games feature side bets that pay out more money for riskier wagers.

Dragon Bonus is one of these auxiliary games. This additional wager offers increased returns based on the margin of victory, whereas ordinary players and banker bets always pay the same odds.

The Dragon side bet is famous in Asia and Australia and is accessible at various reputable online casinos. Discover how it functions and where to play by reading on.

Dragon Bonus payouts and rules

The Dragon Bonus is fundamentally the same as the conventional baccarat bets in that you can either back the banker or the player. If you place a wager on the banker, you win if they have the highest score, and if you place a bet on the player, you win if they have the highest score.

The enlarged payoff table distinguishes the Dragon bet from standard baccarat wagers. Except for naturals, the payout increases with a wider margin of victory. The payout would be one-to-one if the winning hand had an initial deal score of eight or nine points. The bonus bet is pushed if both hands draw a natural and the outcome is a tie.

Any other outcomes (i.e., non-natural hands) result in a payout if the winning margin is four points or more significant. For instance, the player wins the bonus bet by a margin of five points if they have six points while the banker has one. The wager is unsuccessful if the hands are tied or the margin is three points or less.

Payouts for winning hands look like this:

Even money is paid for four points.
5 points are worth 2 to 1.
The payout for six points is 4:1.
Seven points are worth 6 to 1.
Eight points pay 10 to 1.
30 to 1 payout for nine points.
Both the banker and player bonuses are subject to these odds.

Dragon side bet house edge.

The Dragon bet significantly affects the house advantage, unlike any other side bet in gambling. The odds on the banker, typically one of the finest bets on the casino floor, are more than nine times worse than a primary wager, more than double the edge on the player bet.

Where to get Dragon Bonus baccarat games online with real money

The Dragon side wager can be found on punto banco tables worldwide, despite being mainly identified with Asia and the numerous baccarat rooms of Macau. This contains several Australian brick-and-mortar casinos:

Carlton Crown
King Perth
Jupiters Casino in Gold Coast The Star in Sydney
The Brisbane Treasury

At our top-rated online casinos, dragon bets can also be placed on various baccarat games played for real money. Our top picks are:

Abacus Star

A modern, Asian-inspired online baccarat release that offers an increased bonus payout of 12 to 1 for an eight-point advantage.

Baccarat Playboy

Several side bets are available on Microgaming’s hottest live dealer baccarat tables, including Big, Small, and Perfect Pairs.

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