To webcam stream BlackJack from a Live Casino, there are more logistics that need to be overcome compared to other live games such as Roulette and Baccarat. Let me explain… In BlackJack a hand dealt is to every player individually for them to make  decisions… hit or stand. This makes it a slower game especially if their are a lot of players at the same table. Think about it… In Roulette, for example, a spin takes on the entire group “sitting” behind the board. You could have 1 or 1000 players and the pace would not suffer. But what if it is a hot Saturday afternoon with 100 blackjack players. This is why Evolution, Microgaming and Playtech allow only 7 players at any table, at any one time. The software platforms operating the day’s play need a lot of dealers and tables to accommodate the situation gaming software. Sometimes, you need to stand in line for an available seat, at Non-Early-Payout software platform systems. The House Edge needs to be a bit higher to make the game profitable play blackjack early payout. So, with 4 unique twists to BalckJack’s normal play, Vuetec as well as Visionary iGaming Software Platform’s invented a solution to the one deal, one player bottleneck.

It was Vuetec back in 2005 that came up with a solution called early-payout. Afterward, in 2008, VIG’s SEO, Martin Reiner (previously with Vuetec) patented an updated formula of Early-Payout based on standard Basic Strategy Rules. It was quite an improvement.

Vuetec’s Version of Early-Payout

It is the  same card game that we are all familiar with and love but Basic Strategy Rules (99.5% RTP) is enforced and there is no making an unwise move. You are dealt a hand and your only decision afterward is to take an early payout or sit and watch the cards being dealt without you participating.

Visionary iGaming’s Version of Early-Payout- Basically the same as Vuetecs but with the added option of being able to override the Basic Strategy Rules automation. Basic Strategy rules are great, but we all love to make mistakes now and again… it’s exciting. Let me remind you that this VIG version also may accommodate multiple players at the same hand, the same as Vuetec’s. But  you may ask… what happens when one player with the same hand wants to Stand and the other wants a Hit? Well… the card is dealt but in the Stand seat the card is shadowed and seen under the others. But the player who took a Hit would see his cards normally, with the points added up to make a higher hand.

How Early-Payout Works

So in practice, at LuckyLive Casino (Vuetec Software) You mostly sit back and watch the dealer in Dublin Ireland deal the cards. You place the wagers. The game is simple and all  you do is place a bet. You can even auto rebet. An argument could be made for saying Vuetec’s version of BlackJack is not BlackJack at all.  The difference, I would like to mention, is the 99.5% RTP. This is a payout higher than any other BlackJack game dealt at  any Live Casinos online. These two software companies can offer this high RTP because an infinite number of players may place a bet on the same hand. This makes the game not only scalable to a single BlackJack web cam stream for multiple wagers, it allows for players to place bets on 3 different hands at once if he so chooses. Check out Early Payout Casinos here.


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