Evolution Gaming Software Platform, streamed live from their studio in Riga, Latvia is a large corporate operation. Evolution Gaming holds valid licenses in two separate countries. Being based in Latvia they hold a Latvian Gambling Authority permit besides maintaining oversight by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission in the Channel Islands, Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Compared to Other Software’s

Evolution, unlike the other two large corporate Live Gaming Software Providers, Microgaming and Playtech Software, only develops and provides Live Gaming Software. Having a widely based corporate structure and focusing on strictly one aspect of online casino software, Evolution has gone past both MG and PT with style and grace. This is not to say any one company can satisfy the wide spectrum of Online Live Gaming Players personal and cultural taste. Vuetec Software, with a smaller company structure, attracts players needing that extra security of a “Brick and Mortar” streamed casino. Visionary Software, owned by one single person (Martin Reiner) attracts players with a more casual outlook on life. But Evolution has focused on European perfection and sophistication. This places them at the top of the totem pole from a world wide perspective.  Billions are wagered with Evolution every year. This is impressive given the fact they only streamed their first live game in Evolution Gaming Software Platform. The quality of their Live Gaming Software package is obvious to even beginner players not to mention veterans. The casinos offering EG’s product include all the really big names in Casino Play that are not associated with Playtech. Live games are a recent phenomenon. The advantage Playtech has with their live dealer marketing campaign is the fact that they are already serving some very fine casinos with the RNG casino, poker and Sports betting programs. Therefor all the casinos with Playtech have added Playtech Live Gaming system. Evolution does not have that advantage. Yet they are almost a widely distributed as Playtech. This is a tribute and a wake-up call to the live gaming world. It is the Evolutionary process that has gotten live gaming to where it is today. Leave it up to Darwin. (lol)

Free Play at an Evolution Casinos “sort of”

True… no free play but you can register and enter a table room. There you may watch for as long as you like without choosing a seat to play. You can hear the chat, watch, learn and checkout all the settings before you play or deposit, if you so desire. If you really study what I have presented here in the way of bonuses and bonus structures, you can find a few Evolution live casinos with what amounts to free play. Simply find a casino that offers a bonus, lets you wager with the option of a premature withdrawal payout live casinos. This means you may cash out before the bonus requirement of play through is completed. But make sure they permit the fist wagers to be taken from the bonus money. In that way the winnings are yours to keep. With these specs in the bonus terms, you will get your deposit back and have had a lot of free time on the tables.

Evolution Gaming Software Platform Live Games

Evolution’s Live Game Menu

You can a complete reviews of the below live games at Evolution Software Review

Evolution Live Games Studio Streaming

  • Roulette (European single zero)
  • French Roulette ( incorporates La Partage Rule)
  • London Roulette (Distinctively British Croupier)
  • VIP Roulette (higher wagering limits once approved)
  • SlingShot Roulette (Cammegh Slingshot Roulette Wheel)
  • BlackJack (standard 1 hand 1 player at a table with 7 other players)
  • VIP BlackJack (higher wagering limits once approved)
  • Baccarat (standard version)
  • Baccart VIP (higher wagering limits once approved)

Evolution has never stopped developing new products. You will find their standard Live Game software package products (described below) as well as specific brands for casinos who have the clout and foresight to maintain them. The standard versions are all English language based. Yet croupiers speaking French, German and others can be found at various larger Branded casinos, focusing on the more active European countries and their personal Branding. Otherwise the same streaming, tables and croupiers will be found at competing Live Online Casinos. But not all casinos will offer all the standard tables live dealer casinos. Some might simply be missing or perhaps replaced by Branded configurations provided by Evolution.

Evolution Gaming Live Roulette

You will find more than 5 different Live Roulette variations with most Casinos offering Evolutionary’s Software Programs. But there are many Branded unique variations at some of the larger casinos. The main variations you will find are:

  1. Standard Roulette
  2. Roulette VIP
  3. French Roulette
  4. London Roulette
  5. SlingShot Auto-Roulette

All have a single zero table giving us players a very good RTP. The French Roulette has La Partage Rules making the RTP twice as nice. Te London Roulette is attended by distinctively British gentlemen, relaxed and humorous. This table is only open from 10Am to 4AM GMT. You will find two choices of views at all the tables, 3D and Classical. An extra function can be selected to get a close-up look of the wheel as it receives the ball. The settings at all the tables are the same with adjustments to sound, chat and views you would need. The streaming is adjusted to your computers connection speed but if you want to use the Full Screen mode you better be well connected.

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