What is Bet Behind at Multiplayer Blackjack

The Bet Behind at Multiplayer Blackjack by Microgaming is a function a live blackjack player should be familiar with. Bet behind is s system in normal blackjack play where an observer may place a side bet on a hand of someone who is seated at the table. This observer is not in control of the calls. Many times the house will permit a bet behind on more than one participants hand. The bet behind was invented to make more action and more room at the tables. Blackjack, unlike roulette, has less capacity to handle multiple wagers. Every player must be asked if he would like to stand or hit. This takes time. Imagine if there were 100 players at the blackjack table. You would never get through one hand in less than a half hour. In contrast 100 players at the roulette table would be no problem. One spin would determine the outcome for all. So a bet behind is a way to include more player wagers at the table while only seven players are seated and being dealt a hand.

When Can a Player Bet Behind at Multiplayer Blackjack

Not Seated at The Table

You will see the Bet Behind at Multiplayer Blackjack used a lot less frequently than what it should be at Microgaming live casinos like kazino ekstra. If you have money in your account you may step in to any blackjack table active at the casino and place a bet behind wager behind any or all the active players hands. Notice that the wagers for the active players are placed first. Once the timer is exhausted for their bets, it is time for the observers to bet behind. The timer starts again and is only 8 seconds. You have to be ready with your nimble clicks. Choose your chip value and place your bets. The minimum is half that of normal play gaming software platform. Don’t forget to confirm your bet. In the upper right corner of the casino blackjack screen you can see who has won in the previous hands. So you could bet behind every players hand or only the players who seam to be doing well. There is no greater joy than to place a wager on all players hands and then have the dealer go bust. You can really wrack up the points fast with a few hands like that.

Seated at The Table

Once you have a seat at the Multiplayer blackjack table, you may bet behind as well. This is something most players are not aware of. The above video hsa the player in a seated psosition. he is also placing bets behind other players at the same table. You may not place a bet behind on your own hand. But you may place one on any other or all the other players hands at the table payout live casinos. The same half minimum bet is required. This is when you can really get ahead in a short time with bet behind at Multiplayer Blackjack. Place a 50$ wager on your hand with a 10$ on the other 6 players hand. If the dealer goes bust you can win up to 110$ in a single go. It wont happen a lot but I do look forward to the rush when it does.

NOTE: : Interesting to note in the video is the middle player. He split on two aces. What I find interesting is that the person betting behind also was required to double his bet. In this instance it was a blessing. We both won the hand. But this is unique to Bet Behind at How to Play Blackjack. In normal casino brick and mortar play you are given the choice to stay with the only one wager on one hand.

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