Bonuses at Live Dealer Casinos can be large and attractive and used for promotional display. Many times these bonuses are not based on player retention and a long lasting relationship with the new player. With that said I will add that there are some casinos out there that understand a solid well designed welcome bonus will keep the players at the casino longer than one that attracts and then abandons the respect of that player. The casinos that are actually concerned about their new player are normally casinos with a long and stable history. So let me point out a few that are shinning brighter than the rest in regards to bonuses and their requirements.

Best Bonuses at Live Dealer Casinos

The “PlyThrw Difficulty” column above was calculated with a formula you can learn to use at Bonus Play Through Difficulty Calculations. The smaller the number, the easier it will be to complete the play through.You can read up on the 3 most important elements of a bonuses at Play Throughs, Wager Contribution and Withdrawal Permissions. In brief it outlines these 3 very important aspects of live bonuses. With these concepts understood, a player can make a proper decision about which casino has the better bonus offer. Most live players look at the size of the initial offer and base their decision on the amount and not the terms. The 1000€ or even 4000€ figure is prominently displayed on the Home Page in big red letters. The bonus terms are normally in fine print lurking in the back. They could be disappointing or they could be generous.Play Through is the amount of total wagers that need too be placed in order to withdraw the bonus funds. Check on ewalletxpress online casino.
Wager Contribution is the percentage of a wager that contributes to the wagers accumulating in the play through.Withdrawal Permissions state what will happen if you withdraw before the play through is completed. It is the 3rd and most important aspect of the bonus requirements. Here are the 3 possible ways a Live BlackJack Early-Payout could define withdrawal permissions:

  1. The casino bonus terms could say that you may not prematurely withdraw your funds or you forfeit your deposit, bonus and winnings . This is the worst scenario.
  2. The casino bonus terms could say that you may prematurely withdraw your funds at any time but the bonus and winnings are not withdrawable. This bonus has no downside. You will never loose by taking this bonus. Yet not keeping winnings is a bad feeling.
  3. The casino bonus terms could say that you may withdraw at any time and the first wagers were taken from your “real”deposit and therefor in the case of an early withdrawal the winnings and the deposit are yours to take at any time. This is of coarse the bonus to take.

As you can see the three terms above are very very different. They will effect the quality of the bonus a great deal.

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Best Party Casino Live Bonuses

 There is one bonus in the list of welcome bonuses that blackjack microgaming offers that to me is very interesting and perhaps needs to be taken advantage of. This is a 100% to 500e offer. The reason I like this bonus is because it has a very favorable BONUS INDICATOR. You can read what a BONUS INDICATOR is at Evaluating Casino Bonuses. Check out Best live dealer casinos online 2019 here.
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